The recent publication of REGULATION (EU) 2021/1372 of August 17, 2021, in which Annex IV of Regulation (EC) 999/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council is modified with respect to the prohibition of feeding non-ruminant farm animals, other than fur animals, with proteins derived from animals, authorizes animal proteins derived from insects for … Leer más

Emerging protein sources in pet food.

Global demand for animal feed proteins will continue to rise in the years ahead. By one estimate, the increase will be 7.3% annually from 2020 through 2026 (Global Market Insights, 2020). Much of that will be from increasing livestock and aquaculture production, which are in direct competition with pet food production. We are already experiencing … Leer más


On 09/21/2020, our company CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL has received the GMP + B3 certificate, in the process of trading feed additives, complying with the requirements and applicable conditions of the GMP + B3 trade, storage and control of the GMP + FC scheme (based on GMP + C6) of GMP + International. This standard … Leer más


CAMPS NATURALFEED is an essential company and continues its activity normally, providing service to our clients to guarantee health, nutrition and food supply for society as a whole. We continue working, complying with the adoption of the measures indicated by the authorities aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and guaranteeing safety and health in … Leer más

IRTA and NEIKER-TECNALIA present WELFAIRTM, the first Animal Welfare certification that focuses on the evaluation of the state and behavior of animals

The Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) in collaboration with the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (NEIKER-Tecnalia) presents the WelfairTM certification of animal welfare for the main livestock species oriented to food production, such as cattle , pig, sheep, meat and laying birds, and rabbits. The evaluation protocols have been endorsed by … Leer más

España lidera la fabricación de piensos en la UE

España, con una producción cercana a los 37,5 millones de toneladas, se ha situado como principal fabricante de piensos de la Unión Europea y uno de los 10 primeros del mundo, con un crecimiento en su nivel productivo del 20% en los últimos 4 años. En la pasada Asamblea ordinaria de la Confederación Española de … Leer más


Last 07/03/2019 we received the certification of the FAMI – QS, under the scope of Trading  of Nutritional  Feed additives  (cat 3b). Category FII. Our company CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL has implemented and maintains  a Feed Safety Management System including  Good Manufacturing  Practice (GMP) in  compliance with: FAMI-QS Code of Practice – Version 5.1 – … Leer más