The management of CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL and CAMPS NATURAL FEED, SLU acquires and demonstrates its commitment to the development and implementation of the GMP + Standard, as well as the animal feed safety policy, based on the HACCP principles and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Our activity includes the marketing and distribution of additives for animal nutrition, for different sectors of the industry, under the scope of marketing of additives for animal feed.

CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL and CAMPS NATURAL FEED, SLU are committed to marketing safe products that comply with the applicable legislation regarding the safety of animal feed and that meet the requirements of the GMP+ module. Therefore, our objective is to provide a personalized, specialized, broad and flexible service to our clients, assessing their needs, solving problems quickly and effectively in order to collaborate with them in the process of continuous improvement of food safety. animal, taking responsibility for management in the feed chain.

The commitment acquired by CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL and CAMPS NATURAL FEED, SLU is the following:

· Manage to permanently raise the level of customer satisfaction, offering products that respond, at all times, to their needs and meet the established requirements.

· The team of people that makes up CAMPS COMERCIAL JCO, SL and CAMPS NATURAL FEED, SLU constitutes the most important resource that guarantees our future. Therefore, they must be qualified and receive continuous training in all those aspects that affect the safety of animal feed, the activities they carry out and the products they market, as well as being responsible for the management of recovery situations if food safety is in Game.

· Make employees aware of the importance and need to comply with both customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements. Create awareness within the organization regarding the importance of animal feed safety and promote food safety training and any other training that may be necessary.

· Establish close collaboration with our representatives and suppliers to detect and satisfy new needs of our clients, committed to continuous improvement.

· Ensure that security objectives are established at relevant functions and levels within the organization. These objectives must be measurable and consistent with this policy.

· Promote communication both internally of the company and externally towards the possible interested parties behind it.